The Resort

JHBR on Sat, 28/06/14

JHBR on Sat, 28/06/14

Jack's Hole Beach Resort offers beachfront living in an idyllic location. The Resort is a family destination where special memories are created.

Located just south of Dublin and right in the heart of Wicklow "the Garden of Ireland", Jack's Hole Beach Resort is unquestionably the ideal location for your holiday home.

The Resort can give you the best of all worlds by offering you beach living with quick access to the main routes and amenities.

Jack's Hole Beach Resort is an amazing lifestyle choice for you and your family.

Show details about how the residents own the Resort
JHBR is a resort owned and operated by the residents, which allows us to ensure the best possible value of annual charges (referred to as a moiety), by managing a careful balance between controlling the costs and maintaining a high standard.

Each resident owns their own mobile and the deck, as well as a share in the company holding all the land and operating the resort.

All resident shareholders are eligible to join the Management Group. As a shareholder, you will also have a tangible share in a valuable company to sell along with your mobile and deck, if and when you decide to later leave (usually MUCH later!).