Onsite Services


Babysitting is available. For GDPR reasons, no contact details are listed here. Please contact the Office for details.

Boat Moorings

These should be applied for in the office. 

Boat Trailers (with or without a boat) - parking

All trailers (with or without a boat) must be parked in the area provided in the field and not in designated car park areas. Trailers left for any period in designated car park areas may be moved to the field at the expense of the owner and, while all moving will be done as carefully as possible, without liability for any damage during the move. Best do it yourself.

Bottle Bank

A bottle bank is operated onsite, just inside the entrance to the higher field. To find it, take the left turn into the field on your way up to the gate. There is a facility there for all glass types and aluminium drinks cans.

Electricity supply

Each site has an individual meter. Based on your metered consumption, you will receive one bill. It is planned to be sent out at the end of each season. A modest administrative charge is included in your bill (as per your licence agreement).

Fire extinguishers

Fire Hydrants are clearly signposted throughout the site. We would advise all residents to become familiar with these locations, and the equipment. You are encouraged to display this notice page in your mobile - copies available from the office.


You should have space for two cars on your site. Please advise visitors to use the VISITOR PARKING provided, so as to keep the roadways clear. When considering this, ask yourself: Would a fire tender get by, if my mobile was on fire?

Refuse collection

Refuse is normally collected on Monday and Friday mornings. (On bank holiday weekends, the Monday collection is moved to Tuesday mornings.)


We would ask residents to meet guests at the barrier and to not open the gate to people unknown to them. If you are expecting visitors during the hours the office is open, please leave a name of your expected visitor and the approximate time of their arrival with a member of the office team, to help them decide on whom to let in. This is particularly important during the key summer months, at weekends and not least at bank holiday weekends.


WiFi is provided Resort-wide for the residents' use. The bandwidth for any one device is limited, so that the available overall bandwidth is not grabbed by the few. To obtain the current password or otherwise deal with the general WiFi on the resort, call into the office or email office@jhbr.ie.


Fibre broadband is installed in each mobile throughout the Resort at no additional cost to the Resident. For further details on your access to this, call into the office or email office@jhbr.ie.