COVID-19 graphic

There are many valuable trusted resources on the Internet relating to COVID-19 in general which we do not wish to replicate here. We hope and trust that these general resources contribute to the well-being of all.

Instead, this page is focused on the steps specific to our Resort.
Last updated November 2022

Under current Government guidelines, there are NO restrictions on the full use of the facilities in JHBR. In the unlikely event of this changing in the near future, we will maintain this as a placeholder until such time as the Government confirms all COVID-19 threats are effectively ended.

In the meantime, we note that all in society are asked to continue to minimise infection risk for themselves and others and we will work with our staff and contractors to best ensure this safe approach is maintained.

Traveling in from abroad

If you are planning to travel from abroad and are (under Government regulation) required to quarantine in JHBR, we ask that you contact the Management Group in advance to provide an outline of your plans. Any family quarantining in JHBR would NOT have access to shared resources, such a the playground and the access routes to the beach and would be expected to stay in their mobile or on their deck for the period of their quarantine. Any material breaches would result in being asked to leave the Resort and quarantine elsewhere.

For details of Government self-isolation requirements when traveling from abroad, please see this [ link.]

Management of risk

As the Resort is open again in a period of risk, the following risk mitigation steps shall apply:

The Management Group have taken a pragmatic approach, to ensure the HSE advice on social distancing and minimisation of related risk can be sustained throughout the operation of JHBR. These steps include:

  • Limiting access to Wave Lodge to staff, while asking all residents (and visitors) to address their inquires via phone or email. Where a physical service is required (e.g. access to a spare key) this will be passed out through the office door at an arranged time, following such an email or phone inquiry, where government regulations require.
  • Staff have been reminded of the importance of maintaining social distancing guidelines (where applicable) when engaging with residents.

Visitors (including contractors)

It remains the responsibility of each resident to bring the rules of the Resort to the attention of their visitors (including any contractors they engage to work in the Resort). This should now include any advice on social distancing and other COVID-19 matters covered here.